Hiking trails

Mellow out in harmony with nature amidst a magnificent landscape.
The surroundings of Rogaška Slatina are truly diverse. Impressive sights, picturesque hiking trails and enticing topical hikes are waiting for you to explore them. You will find the Boč and Donačka Gora hills in the vicinity.

A sunny day can be used for a somewhat longer hike throughout the surroundings!

Walking is any excellent activity to strengthen your body while enjoying fresh air and discovering a completely new bird’s eye perspective of the surroundings.

Hiking timings

Where: Hike to Boč or to Donačka Gora.

When: By appointment, at least 3 people must sign up for the hike.

Meeting point: reception Grand Hotel Sav

Extra charge: 20 € per hik

Where to hike?

Join us on a recreational hike to Donačka Gora or Boč. Accompanied by experienced guides, you will discover many local attractions on the hike and discover the most beautiful corners of both popular hiking destinations.

A guide through Rogaška Slatina

Donačka gora

Donačka gora (also Rogaška Gora, 884 m) is a hill in the eastern part of Slovenia and represents the last extensions of the Karavanke mountain range, which end with Ivanjščica and Ravna gora in Croatia.

Donačka Gora rises steeply from the hills at the foot, into a short and sharp ridge. The latter offers a great view, so it is also a popular excursion point, especially for nearby Rogaška Slatina and Rogatec.

Pohod v naravi


Boč (978 m) is a steep hill in the Boč Landscape Park in the Bočko mountain range, south-east of Poljčane in the south-eastern part of the Karavanke mountain range.

Because of its uniqueness, variety and natural beauties, the wider area of ​​Boč is protected as a landscape park. It is characterized by thick and fairly preserved forests, while the interweaving of meadows and forests provides an exceptional biotic diversity of the area. Due to the exceptional natural heritage, Boč with its surroundings was first recognized at home and then also in Europe as a nature conservation area that needs to be preserved.

On Boč there is also a small site of ​​the rare and protected Easter flower (Pulsatilla grandis).