Krožnik z morsko hrano, losos in zelenjava

ROI diets

Seasonal, genuine and close to nature – the ROI diets provide all those things and even more for your health and lifestyle. Every dish is an ode to the zest for life and pleasure.

Give your body freedom and power

The goal of our ROI programmes is to find the way to an ideal solution for your body with your cooperation.

The ROI weight loss programme will help you achieve ideal body weight.

The ROI detox programme will improve your general well-being and boost your energy.

The ROI diabetes programme will help you improve metabolism and alleviate disease symptoms.

During your stay, you will learn many new nutritional habits that will have a positive impact on your well-being. The main goal of ROI diets is to restore the quality of your life.

Some diets are intended for persons of all age groups and both genders, irrespective of their medical condition, to manage their weight to an optimal value (other than the ROI programme for diabetics).

The programmes do not involve food weighing, calorie counting and food quantification (other than the ROI weight loss programme).

We will make sure that meals are distributed and foods are combined properly at specified hours for individual parts of the day.