Lotus thermal pool

The power of thermal mineral water

The indoor hotel Lotus pool spans over 150m² and is available free of charge to hotel guests. It features a swimming pool filled up with the unique Rogaška thermal mineral water at the temperature of 32°C, 2 whirlpools at the temperature of 36°C, a Kneipp bath, a sunny outdoor terrace and Lotus saunas (Turkish steam bath, Finnish sauna and the tepidarium).

Thermal water in the Lotus pools – exclusive in Rogaška Slatina

Rogaška thermal mineral water

Balneochemical analysis

The sodium hydrogen carbonate sulphate chloride thermal mineral hypertherm contains:

cations: sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium, silicon, lithium, with traces of barium and strontium;
anions: hydrogen carbonate, sulphate, chloride, fluoride, bromide and iodide.
Sodium chloride (common salt) gives the water a salty flavour. It is harmless upon consumption.

The Rogaška thermal mineral water is fit

  • to treat chronic degenerative problems of the back, extremities and joints,
  • to treat vertebral pain, joint stiffness and neuralgia,
  • to treat arthrosis, spondyloarthrosis and ankylosing spondylitis (morbus Bechterew),
  • to improve post-traumatic and post-operative conditions of muscles and joints due to a lack of exercise,
  • to maintain and extend rehabilitation following prior health treatment,
  • to treat reflex dystrophy and slackening muscles due to a lack of exercise,
  • to prevent osteoporosis and conduct programmed exercises in the pool,
  • for regenerative and fitness baths as well as recreation within the scope of wellness and fitness programmes,
  • for underwater massage.

Lotus saunas

Time of relaxation and rest. Discover our world of saunas and enjoy a revitalising sauna ritual. Make yourself comfortable, relax and recharge in the Turkish steam bath or Finnish sauna.