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Where the beneficial effect of the Rogaška natural mineral water intertwines with the intimacy of premium relaxation services.

Rogaška Slatina is one of the loveliest spa resorts in Europe with a long tradition and unique mineral water featuring the highest magnesium content in the world, which has been used for medicinal purposes for over 400 years. A litre of mineral water contains over 1100 mg of magnesium, which is the second most important mineral in the hu- man body taking part in over 300 vital metabolic processes.

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Rogaška Mineral Water – the source of health and well-being

is a natural source of magnesium and other beneficial minerals for complete regeneration of the body and preservation of vitality.

Rogaška Mineral Water

Thermal Mineral Water in Lotus pool – the one and only in Rogaška Slatina

is unique mineral water that is used in thermal pool and provides many benefits to health and well-being.

Thermal Mineral Water

ROI Medico

is a healthcare centre that offers a wide range of therapies, including balneotherapy, carboxytherapy, physiotherapy and pain management therapies, in combination with the healthy ROI dietary method.


A treatment and rehabilitation method using natural healing springs or thermal and mineral water.


Treatment with thermal water, which alleviates pain and muscle spasms, improves joint mobility and enhances the body’s immune system with healing energy.

Salt room


It implies the supply and removal (cooling) of heat energy to and from the organism for therapeutic purposes. Thermotherapy alleviates pain, improves muscle and joint mobility, and relieves muscle spasms.


Is healing mineral mud that improves blood circulation, metabolism and excretion of toxic substances from the body, thus strengthening the immune system.

Paraffin wraps

Healthy nutrition under the ROI diet method

Some diets are intended for persons of all age groups and both genders, irrespective of their medical condition, to manage their weight to an optimal value (other than ROI DIABETES PROGRAMME).

The programmes do not involve food weighing, calorie counting and food quantification (other than the ROI BODY SLIM PROGRAMME).

ROI Diabetes programme ROI Detox programme ROI Body Slim programme



It supplies additional oxygen, nutrients and water to body cells. Magnetotherapy is used to eliminate or alleviate pain caused by all degenerative joint inflammations and rheumatoid disorders. Magnetotherapy is recommended in the rehabilitation of injuries and improves blood circu- lation in headaches and osteoporosis.


The application of various forms of electric current relieves pain, improves blood and lymphatic flow, while stimulating and strengthening muscles.

Pain management therapy
HILT – LaserTherapy

High Intensity Laser Therapy is based on the proven efficiency of low-power lasers. It penetrates deep into the tissue and has a pronounced painkilling, anti-inflammatory and bio-stimulating effect.


A medical procedure involving the use of medical CO2 for the purposes of enhancing blood circulation and tissue nutrition. Carbon dioxide is released naturally in the hu- man organism during the breathing process and causes no allergies or adverse reactions.


  • Therapeutic massage
  • Aromatic phyto-drainage
  • Argan oil massage
  • Magnesium oil massage
  • Chinese massage TUI-NA
  • Oriental back massage
  • Oriental back massage and wrap
  • Pain management therapy
  • Anti-stress head massage
  • Reflexology foot massage
  • Manual lymphatic drainage
  • Anti-cellulite massage
  • ROI massage
  • ROI massage with a clay wrap and mineral water


Ayurveda is an Indian science of “life and longevity”.

Ayurvedic massages