Rogaška thermal mineral water

Thermal water in the Lotus pools – exclusive in Rogaška Slatina

The most prominent natural asset of Rogaška Slatina is natural mineral-rich water that has been appreciated for centuries. This gift of nature has been joined by a new health and recreation option – the Artesian spring of the Rogaška thermal mineral water. The source is 1700 metres deep, while the water springing out is hyperthermal with 5800mg/l of dissolved mineral elements and the temperature of 59°C at the spring. The thermal water in the swimming pool has a temperature between 31°C and 36°C (isotherm).

Grand Hotel Sava Rogaška **** is the only hotel in Rogaška Slatina with thermal water in its swimming pools!

Balneochemical analysis

The sodium hydrogen carbonate sulphate chloride thermal mineral hypertherm contains:

cations: sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium, silicon, lithium, with traces of barium and strontium;
anions: hydrogen carbonate, sulphate, chloride, fluoride, bromide and iodide.

Sodium chloride (common salt) gives the water a salty flavour. It is harmless upon consumption.

The Rogaška thermal mineral water is fit:

  • to treat chronic degenerative problems of the back, extremities and joints,
  • to treat vertebral pain, joint stiffness and neuralgia,
  • to treat arthrosis, spondyloarthrosis and ankylosing spondylitis (morbus Bechterew),
  • to improve post-traumatic and post-operative conditions of muscles and joints due to a lack of exercise,
  • to maintain and extend rehabilitation following prior health treatment,
  • to treat reflex dystrophy and slackening muscles due to a lack of exercise,
  • to prevent osteoporosis and conduct programmed exercises in the pool,
  • for regenerative and fitness baths as well as recreation within the scope of wellness and fitness programmes,
  • for underwater massage.


  • chronic degenerative spine and musculoskeletal disorders
  • chronic degenerative rheumatoid arthritis
  • arthrosis and periarthropathy
  • post-trauma and post-op musculoskeletal conditions
  • mild forms of neuralgia
  • mild forms of neurological impairments

Good to know

Care is required not to overstrain in the pool and, in particular, contraindications in cases of high blood pressure, health rhythm and strength disorders, decompensation of the heart muscle, liver and kidneys, diabetic acidosis, fresh vascular inflammations, open wounds, epilepsy, physical exhaustion, acute febrile conditions, severe neurotic disorders manifesting physical symptoms and pregnancy.

A person in such a condition should consult their personal or hotel physician.