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Our water is a source of life

The healing properties of the world’s richest mineral water in magnesium stemming from the depths of Rogaška Slatina have been known for centuries.

Rogaška mineral water

Our swimming pool is the only one in Rogaška Slatina filled with thermal spring water.

Thermal mineral water
Attems Suite Grand Hotel Sava

Attems Suite

49 ㎡


Pegasus Suite Grand Hotel Sava

Pegasus Suite

49 ㎡


Spa Suite Grand Hotel Sava

Spa Suite

49 ㎡


Sisi Spa Grand Hotel Sava

Sisi Spa

2 rooms + spa 41 ㎡ + 30 ㎡


Bellevue Suite Grand Hotel Sava

Bellevue Suite

2 rooms, spa & terrace 38 ㎡ + 27 ㎡


Panoramic Suite Grand Hotel Sava

Panoramic Suite

3 rooms, 63 ㎡ terrace 27 ㎡


Ferdinand and Kaiser Suite Grand Hotel Sava

Ferdinand/Kaiser Suite

4 rooms, 68 ㎡


Presidential Suite Grand Hotel Sava

Presidential Suite

4 rooms, 68 ㎡


Double-bed Premium room Hotel Zagreb

Double-bed Premium room

from 21 ㎡ to 27 ㎡


Suita Hotel Zagreb


2 rooms


Premium Suite Hotel Zagreb

Premium Suite

2 rooms


ROI Diabetes

A woman drinks mineral water with the most magnesium in the world

Perfect balance

Rogaška Slatina is made for healing, preventive medicine and self-discovery. Our programmes focus on establishing a balance of your body and mind. We provide a place where you can assess your lifestyle and guide you to a full, healthy and long life. Our health and wellness offer reflects our close association with nature and its invaluable gifts. The unique healing natural mineral water amidst green and unblemished nature serves as a source of health, inspiration and indulgence. We will accompany you on your path to a better self with the utmost care and attention while providing premium services.

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