Magnificent park - Grand Hotel Sava Rogaška Slovenia

Magnificent park

Magnificent park & spa

Health resort complex and its magnificent park started to acquire the image, preserved until today, in 1803, when the land was redeemed and taken under the administration of the Styrian land Estates under the lead of the provincial governor Count Ferdinand Attems.

Health resort park and promenade join together on the European platform and represent the  core of the health resort surrounded by hotels, apartments, pools, a pub and other facilities. The center of the health resort is surrounded by nature's green blanket, while the park and promenade with arranged tree lanes, lawns, flowerbeds and well-groomed shrubs boost one’s well-being. In the heart of the park, by the pavilion Tempel, summer promenade concerts take place. The majestic parlour of the spa park is distinguished by a long, shady avenue with chestnut trees and white maple trees that melt into green lawns with beds of low-cut box trees, right next to the blooming flowery ornament.

Pavilion Tempel

Pavilion above the main spring (of the Tempel mineral water) was built in 1819 according to the architectural plans of Trieste architect Nikola Perč. After extensive hydrogeologic works in 1952, the well was hermetically sealed and the spring was captured deep underground.