Why visit Rogaška Slatina? - Grand Hotel Sava Rogaška Slovenia

Why visit Rogaška Slatina?

In its centuries-old history, Rogaska Slatina has been visited by a number of important personalities that helped to create the health resort prestigious reputation. Today, there is an oasis of peace where tradition and modernity intertwine.


The most important chemical element in healthy mineral water  is magnesium, contained in its most genuine natural form. Its high content of minerals, essential for healthy living, makes healthy mineral water one of the richest magnesium-containing mineral waters in the world.

Magnificent park

Health resort park and promenade join together on the European platform and represent the  core of the health resort surrounded by hotels, apartments, pools, a pub and other facilities. 

In nature's embrace

You can discover the center of Rogaška and its surroundings using 9 marked walking trails of various difficulty levels. On the way, you can admire numerous natural and cultural sights.

Rich history

The most important works were continued only after 1951, when they arranged a permanent water supply by drilling holes and were thus able to meet the growing demand once again.


Steklarna Rogaška Glassworks' rich knowledge of production and design of crystal products is supported by almost 350 years of tradition of Trebuše, Pohorje and Kozjansko regions, which used to take place in the so called »glažuta« or forest glassworks.