Morning walks - Grand Hotel Sava Rogaška Slovenia

Morning walks

There is nothing better than to start a day actively in the fresh air!

Join us at the morning walks, which we take in the surrounding area. In one hour of light strolling, you will get a good awake and healthy dose of fresh energy. During the morning walks we visit various surrounding destinations: Ivan's Hill, Bellevue, Rogaška Slatina, Janina, Trieste hill, Ivan's spring, Three ponds, Pavilion of Cacti (Cacti collection).

Morning walks timings:
  • When: Monday to Saturday at 10 am, at least 3 people must sign up for the walk.
  • Duration: 
    • Walk to Ivan's Hill: 45 to 60 minutes.
    • Walk to Bellevue: 45 to 60 minutes.
    • Walk along Rogaška Slatina: up to 45 minutes.
    • Walk to Ivan's spring and a taste of "iron water": 30 to 45 minutes.
    • Walk to Janina hill: 45 to 60 minutes.
  • Meeting point: reception of the Grand Hotel Sava.
  • Free for hotel guests.
  • In case of bad weather, the walk does not take place.

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