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Dream wedding in Rogaška Slatina

Wedding is the most beautiful moment in your life, so let it be organised by professionals to ensure that your wedding is perfect.
Let your only task at the wedding be a happy "I do".

Emperor's wedding

Our experts can create a unique wedding story for you, very different from ordinary weddings. If you want to experience a dream wedding in the style of the emperor Francis Joseph and Empress Sisi - then the Emperor's wedding is the right choice for you.

  • Renting clothes in the style of Francis Joseph and Sisi (for the groom and the bride)
  • Carriage ride
  • Baptism of the newlyweds with the richest water in the world
  • Civil wedding in front of the music Tempel pavilion
  • Opening a bottle of sparkling wine with a sword
  • Open door Show cooking
  • Church wedding in the church of St. Ana
  • A servant for the newlyweds
  • Variegated program (historical figures - waiters, dressed in historical figures
  • Outdoor banquet (in the Tempel musical pavilion with the light of torches and candles)
  • Special cuisine from the time of Francis Joseph
  • Presentation of medieval knights' fights (fencing)
  • Live music (Musika Kamerata orchestra)
  • Dance with fire animation and cake cutting
  • Prestigious suite for newlyweds with sauna and whirlpool (Emperor's breakfast served in the suite)

Prestige Wedding

  • Limousine rental for the ride of wedding guests
  • Pre-wedding entertainment on a prestigious yacht (barman show and cocktail party)
  • Rental or production of clothes by a renowned designer Urša Drofenik
  • Relaxation for her and for him at the Lotus Wellness Center
  • Arrival of the bride and the groom to the wedding with a helicopter or a balloon 
  • Civil wedding in the Tempel music pavilion Tempel (live music - violin and upright piano)
  • Opening a bottle of sparkling wine with a sword
  • Finger food service
  • Church wedding in the church of St. Ana (in the immediate vicinity)
  • Weddings in the prestigious Kaiser restaurant
  • Live music (different artists)
  • Cutting a wedding cake
  • Present for the wedding guests ("Trump home" collection glasses)
  • Fireworks
  • Luxury suite for the newlyweds with a sauna and a whirlpool
  • Brunch on the following day (late breakfast with lunch)
  • Tasting world-renowned wines
  • Pampering of the wedding guests at the Wellness Center Lotus (massage)

Everything is possible

  • We take care of the clothes for both, the bride and the groom (by a renowned fashion designer Urša Drofenik)
  • Limousine rental (renting prestigious cars - Mercedes, BMW, Maybach ...)
  • Carriage rental, helicopter and yacht rental
  • Opening a sparkling wine bottle with a sword
  • Organization of fireworks or Chinese lanterns
  • Moderating the wedding program with our animator
  • Wine counselling with a renown sommelier
  • Sisi sweet collection (exquisite homemade confectionery and wedding cakes)
  • Organisation of a Boney M. or ABBA showat the Wellness Center Lotus (massage)

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