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Tel.: 03/811 43 92
Mob.: 051 485 111
Faks: 03/811 47 32

Arranging and consulting

  • Pre-counselling and organization of the celebration
  • Choosing culinary delicacies
  • Carriage ride to the pavilion through the spa park
  • A parking lot for the wedding guests in front of the hotel
  • Wedding in the pavilion
  • Live music at the civil ceremony
  • possibility to take photos at selected locations
  • Organization of fireworks

Banquet and decoration

  • Banquet in the pavilion and the Kaiser
  • Wedding cake from the hotel's confectionery treasury
  • Decoration at the Kaiser Restaurant and the pavilion

Reservation and payment terms

The reservation for the agreed date must be confirmed by an advance payment of € 700.00. You can pay the advance payment at the reception of the Grand Hotel Sava or transfer it to our bank account.

Please also write your surname and the date of the wedding when making a payment.

Civil and church wedding

Our Tempelj pavilion, located opposite the Sava Hotel, in the heart of the Spa Park, is officially registered for performing civil weddings, Regarding the formal execution of the wedding, arrangements must be made with the Administrative Unit Rogaška Slatina - the register office.The registration fee is also paid at the register office.

The execution of the church wedding is held in the church of St. Anne, which is about 400 m away from the pavilion. The execution of the wedding must be discussed with the parish priest.

Benefits for newlyweds

We offer our newlyweds a free bed and breakfast at the Grand Hotel Sava on the day of the wedding. In addition, we offer special packages for newlyweds in our Wellness Center Lotus. In case of overnight stays, your wedding guests have a 10% discount.

Good to remember

You can use the option to taste the wedding menu in advance

The number of people, the confirmation of the menu and the protocol must be confirmed no later than five days before the event in writing.

The remaining payment for the wedding must be settled no later than two days after the service was made.

Chargeback conditions

100% of the advance payment is refunded 60 days before the wedding or in the case of death of immediate family members. 
50% of the advance payment is returned 30 days before the wedding. 
10% of the advance payment is returned 14 days before the wedding.