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Mineral water Rogaška

The source of health and well-being

All the good things come from the inside. The unique geological composition of the Rogaška surroundings contributes to the creation of mineral water that contains the highest magnesium percentage in the world. The Roitschocrene  mineral water from Rogaška originates in the center of the most tectonically diverse region in Slovenia, where there are three regional tectonic faults. This unique geological and  hydrogeological composition is an invaluable source of two natural springs of mineral and thermal water that spring from a depth of about 600 and 1700 meters. The thermal water, which has been used in the Rogaška spa for centuries, and mineral water, which is especially rich in magnesium and other useful minerals, spring from melting rocks rich in magnesium, calcium, sulphates and bicarbonates, with the help of natural gas.

The ROITSCHECRENE mineral water from Rogaška: the legend lives on

Legendary at the creation and still legendary. Pegasus, the mythological creature, is the creator of this invaluable spring. The legend has it that the spring of the Roitschocrene was created by the winged horse of the Greek mythology, Pegasus. In the legend, following Apollo's orders, Pegasus struck the land in Rogaška with its hoof, opening the spring of Roitschocrene, from which the mineral water, which contains the highest magnesium percentage among all the mineral waters in the world, bursted out. In this solemn moment, Apollo spoke out the famous words: "Where you now stand is the source of health and the true divine power. Instead of Hippocrene drink the Roitschocrene, the Rogaška spring that is in front of you!" A moderate advice that comes from the god of healing, sun and poetry.

The mineral water from Rogaška Slatina has one of the highest mineral contents among all the waters in the world, which is marked by the number of dissolved solids. Due to this high content of minerals, the water is characterised by a distinctive and rich taste. All the elements in the water are in a harmonious balance and in a soluble form that your body can easily absorb. Your metabolism can easily dissolve minerals and quickly pass them on to cells, ready for action.

Health benefits

Live a diverse and long life

With its rich tradition of beneficial effects on health and renowned rulers and kings who took advantage of the healing effects of its minerals, the mineral water from Rogaška Slatina is a unique antidote to your diverse lifestyle. The Rogaška mineral water has a comprehensive, long history of healing characteristics and it was among the first mineral waters in the world for which a scientific monograph was compiled. The name Roitschocrene (Latin for the Rogaška spring) was published in 1685, written by Dr Johann Benedict Gründe. The mineral water, already used by the Celts and the Romans, who called it Roitschocrene, was further popularized by Paul de Sorbait as he presented it to the Habsburg court. This was followed by the use of this mineral water in the wider world, when the Count Petar Zrinski expanded its healing reputation, so in the late 19th century it became the world's third best-selling water.

Health benefits

The health benefits of the Rogaška mineral water can be divided into two categories:

Preventive health benefits

Curative healing effects

How and when?

Proper drinking of Rogaška natural mineral water

The Rogaška mineral water is different from all other mineral waters in the world. As a mineral water containing the highest magnesium percentage among all mineral waters, it has many benefits, but only if it is consumed moderately. Learn how to consume the mineral water properly in various circumstances.

The unique mineral water provides many beneficial effects on health, depending on the way of consuming it. If you drink warm Rogaška mineral water quickly, you will speed up your digestive system. If you drink cold mineral water from Rogaška slowly, you will increase the absorption of minerals.

* Warning: too much water can have a laxative effect. Adjust the daily dose accordingly.

Consuming alcohol

Consuming food

Anti-stress function




Weight loss and weight control