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Namizo. Water for every table

Design on every table.

Namizo is a unique water, since you will find it exclusively in selected restaurants, hotels and bars. Its special feature is the fact that it is available exclusively in specially designed bottles. Namizo is always the best companion, regardless if the table boasts carefully selected slow food masterpieces, best vintage wine, delicious desserts or a carefully prepared espresso. Water, which does not stand out in the most gentlemanly way, but with its appearance and elaborate bottle design rounds up the pleasant experience of moments in good company.

NAMIZO is a Slovenian water from under the Boč hill near Rogaška Slatina with a unique story of elaborate design, strong ecological note and selected quality.

Right from under the boč hill to the table.

The water we fill into Namizo bottles springs from the surroundings of the Boč landscape park near Rogaška Slatina and is pumped from wells that have been a source of health and well-being for centuries. Due to unspoiled nature in our area, Namizo is a high-quality water, and its quality is perfectly preserved by filling it in glass, which preserves freshness better. In addition, it does not emit bacteria in the water, as it can happen with some PET bottles.

The Namizo water is an ideal companion at every table, being characterized by quality and freshness from an unspoiled spring.

The message is in a bottle.

When deciding to fill the Namizo water exclusively into glass bottles, we were not only driven by desire for a beautiful table setting, but also by concern for the preservation of natural environment. The principles of sustainable development namely dictate the exploitation of local natural resources, which ensures less mileage from filling to consumption, lower consumption of fossil fuels and lower carbon footprint. In addition, it probably does not even need to be specifically emphasized that the glass is recyclable.

With the Namizo water, you will bring a beautiful setting and ecological awareness to the table.


The Namizo water is best in a good company, so you are kindly invited to the carefully selected bars, hotels or restaurants where it is available.
At the Sava Rogaška Hotel, we have been dealing with hotel management since 2000. However, in all these years we missed a representative brand of bottled water that we could offer to our guests. Therefore, we decided to offer the Namizo bottled water on the basis of our extensive experience, especially to the HORECA sector.


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