Suite Ferdinand / Kaiser - Grand Hotel Sava Rogaška Slovenia

Suite Ferdinand / Kaiser

Suites Kaiser and Ferdinand spread over 68 m2. They have two balconies (Kaiser has one) with a view of the beautiful park and the calming forest area. They are located on the 4th floor and have an anteroom, two bedrooms, a dining room for 4 people and a living room with a sofa set. The furniture in the suites is made of warm natural materials that enhance your well-being. The suites offer two satellite TVs, mini bar, telephone with direct outside line and wireless internet connection. They feature two bathrooms, the first one is luxurious and features two washbasins, bidet, toilet, shower, large jacuzzi and top-quality L'Occitane cosmetics; the second bathroom is a bit smaller, with one washbasin, toilet and shower. The suites are a perfect solution for anyone who seeks comfort. Together with excellent hotel services they offer superior accommodation.

Grandeur and infinite love

Emperor Franz Joseph ruled for amazing 68 years. There are some rumours that his marriage with Sissi was never happy, because the empress never adapted to the court and was in conflict with the royal family. Franz Joseph never got over her death: »You will never know how much she meant to me. She will never know how much I loved her. Nobody knows how much we loved each other.« The empress played an important role in his life and they were together right here, in Rogaška Slatina, which was really rare.. The emperor loved Sissi very much and was missing her. Sometimes, when she was gone for a while, he was walking through her rooms, softly touching the furniture covered with a white cover.

Suite Kaiser praises the emperor’s endless love. Sissi and Franz never went on a honeymoon because of their court duties and therefore this suite is a memory and a reminder of a romantic life. It covers and offers numerous halls for true self-indulgence and rest.

Why Lux rooms?

  • Exquisite design and room equipment, premium cosmetics
  • Direct access to the ROI Medico & Spa Center and Lotus Spa & Saunas
  • Different pillow options

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