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Examination in the dr gifting center for chrono nutrition

135 €

Consulting in the Dr Gifting center for Chrono nutrition lasts for approximately one hour and includes:

  • Measurement of the body composition with the InBody analyzer.
  • Assessment of food intolerance with the MORA Super machine.
  • Consultation with  a nutritionist - adviser for Dr Gifing Chrono nutrition.
  • Consultation with a physician on Dr Gifing Chrono nutrition.
  • Consultation and advice on the use of dietary supplements.
  • Preparation of the individual nutrition plan according to the measurements made.
  • Possibility to consult a nutritionist and physician by email.

It is not advisable to consume food or heavy drinks 2 hours before the examination.

Consultations are carried out by a licensed consultant and licensed nutritionist for the Dr Gifing method of nutrition. After the consultation you will receive an individual dietary proposal, written and oral instructions for preparing food, custom-made menu and a recommendation on the use of dietary supplements, taking into account the examinations performed and the determined physical condition.