Nutritionist counselling - Grand Hotel Sava Rogaška Slovenia

Nutritionist counselling

  • measuring the amount of body fluids, proteins, minerals with the estimation of mineral bone density and fat
  • measuring the mass of skeletal muscles, body fat and body weight
  • balance of body structure, assessment of health and physical strength, assessment of physical condition
  • determining obesity or excessive percentage of body fat
  • measuring the quantity of the fat surrounding the internal organs - excessive percentage of this fat
  • based on the measured parameters we propose appropriate body weight regulations and body composition regulations that are adapted to each individual according to the measured constitution
  • in the process of weight loss, regular physical activity - the training, we accurately show any change and determine if the procedures are correct, as well as help in planning the activities in advance
On the basis of these measurements, we can provide you with a more accurate advice on further steps to take (weight loss, body transformation, fluid removal ...)

Price of the InBody programme: 15 EUR

Dieting meals

Do you want to change your life? Would you like to cleanse your body,  lose excess weight ... Do you need a slimming diet? The chef of the kitchen or the service manager will be happy to help you.

Additional payment for dieting meals: 15 EUR / day