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Dr. Gifing

Dr. Gifing chrononutrition

Dr. Gifing chrononutrition is a combination of the latest knowledge on physiology of nutrition, endocrinology, biochemistry, molecular biology and biophysics. This unique program helps every individual to reach ideal body weight and optimum health at the same time.

Dr. Gifing nutrition program enables fast and effortless acquisition of the principles of healthy and proper nutrition, the right choice and a perfect combination of various kinds of food, which we can follow regardless of where we find ourselves at the moment.

Chrononutrition does not require counting calories, weighing your food or determining food quantity.

The program considers food’s glycemic index, the acid-base regime and a proper food combination eaten at a certain time of day.

Dr. Gifing chrononutrition program includes the following elements:

– body composition analysis with InBody 770 device,

– determining intolerance to certain foods through bioresonance therapy with MORA device by the renowned medical equipment manufacturer MedTronic,

– counselling on choosing the time and period of eating certain food,

– counselling on proper combination of ceratin types of food,

– counselling on dietary supplements based on anamnesis, InBody body analysis, current state of health and lab analysis,

– counselling on physical activity.

Dr. Gifing chrononutrition is a method suitable for individuals of all age groups, both sexes and any state of health. Its goal is weight regulation and normalization of biochemical indicators of the organism.

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