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Rushing of the blue sea

It is all a matter of pleasure and image! Nothing can compare to cruising in your style, luxury and glamour. Unsurpassable service and luxury accommodation are just perfectly made for the business elite. Renting a yacht is a beautiful prize for your hard work; or you can award your business partners for excellent cooperation by inviting them aboard.

Renting a yacht

Luxury yachts are a perfect choice for guests who truly want the best for their holidays. Explore the sea on a comfortable vessel with top quality service. You can choose your route yourself.

Renting a sailing boat

Renting a sailing boat opens unlimited possibilities for exploring beautiful islands and bays you cannot reach from land. Taste sea food which you can prepare or even catch yourself, or visit a quiet fishing village where you will be served fresh sea specialties prepared especially for you by the fishing masters. Experience an unforgettable adventure in one of the most beautiful seas, the Adriatic Sea, where every bay, every island and every village tells its own unique story.

Renting a motor boat

Renting a motor boat offers unlimited possibilities for an unforgettable experience: exploring beautiful islands and inaccessible bays, sea fishing, diving or visiting fishing villages with unspoiled nature and Mediterranean delicacies.