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Comfort on the road

Elegant style, the highest comfort, innovative technology and dynamic ride. Are you interested in renting elegant cars or any other exotic car model from the driving pool? In need of an airport transport service? Or do you need to get to other European states where you can enjoy the ride and other benefits and services offered by the Grand Hotel Sava****superior?


Experience a relaxing and refined ride with luxury vehicles and a driver!

When in need of a special high-quality transport you can order VIP transport and indulge in an exceptional experience of luxury and refinement with luxury cars.

High-class luxury limousines can fully please your demanding business partners, from their arrival to the airport, accommodation in a booked hotel, all the way to transports to meetings or conference locations.

Sports cars

Choose among various luxury cars for your important business meetings, gala and special occasions, and experience luxury, refinement and dynamic performance.

If you wish to celebrate your once-in-a-lifetime event in a special way, choose:


Taming wild Gallardo is serious business. The engine sound adds to the effect – it constantly reminds the driver that it is not a good idea to mess with him. You cannot even start to imagine what is hidden in the slogan: Are you ready to ride? And if your answer is affirmative, you are about to experience a pleasure words cannot express. You will not find out about it until you step on the gas.


Centre engine with rear-wheel drive, fast robotised transmission with changing gears in 60 millisecond and low mass are the strengths of this first-class racing car. Despite its entirely racing design it is actually amazingly cultivated in everyday traffic. The button for a softer setting of dampers and various possibilities of setting the electronic stability with manet on the steering wheel enable the driver to adapt the vehicle to almost any surface. This is a car that greatly deviates from classical racing vehicles. Its amazing accelerations offer a true experience behind the wheel that is almost unreal. To sum up, it can be a tame car to show off with or a purebred racing car – all in one.

Porsche 911 Turbo

A true sports car that wasn’t named a “folk sports vehicle” by accident. Automatic transmission with tiptronic function offers the driver a discreet serenity of driving, but stepping on the gas the car turns into an extremely powerful vehicle. For many, its performance limits are a real revelation. As soon as the supercharger is activated, the engine provides an excellent torque and a great deal of adrenaline. Four-wheel drive is an outstanding combination for high-speed cornering, especially on a closed road or track. All that, of course, within the physics and safety limitations. In short, an extremely manageable and useful car.

Classic transport

Sporty, gradual and refined – driving pool with classics is a result of a fine technique that boasts with technological innovation, quality production and success because it is based on much more than just engine power.